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December 3th, 2019

Added a language with about 250 million speakers: Portuguese.

November 24th, 2019

Instead of sharing pictures of a rebus, you can now also share a link to your rebus. Create a rebus and look at the hints to see how to do this.

November 12th, 2019

Many users asked about how to get the rebus on paper or copy-paste it in another document. Starting from today this is now super easy as there will be a download link below the rebus. There are no copyrights whatsoever, so you can do with the rebus whatever you want!

November, 11th 2019

The second update in November: we've now got alternatives for each word. In case you're stuck, just click on the icon and a different one magically appears!

November 2019

We have a completely new icon set, which should be a bit easier to decipher. Not only that: we've got 12 languages, including chinese and a dead one, check it out: Languages!

March 2018

Achievement unlocked: 1 MILLION rebuses generated in two years!

November 2017

Next to English and Dutch, myRebus can now create rebuses in


September 2017

New icons added!

July 2016

New icons added!

Jan 2016

Welcome to myRebus with a new look, more and bigger icons that look better on small and large screens. There are also massive speed improvements, the pages should load much faster. Have fun! If you don't know where we are talking about, check out the Help page, or start creating your rebus right away.