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What is a rebus puzzle

There are different types of rebuses, but the type of rebuses here are a collections of pictograms with rules. These pictograms and rules represent words. It is the task of the rebus reader to find the original word or sentence. Here at, you can type any text and this gets magically transformed into a rebus.

How to solve a rebus

Solving is best explained using an example:


The first picture is a picture of a hat. The "w+" means that a 'w' should come in front. We now have the first word: "what". The next picture has two rules: the rule "r=h" means that there is an 'r' in the pictures' word and according to the rule, this should be replaced by an 'h'. Also, one 'e' should be removed. We thus know that there is an 'r' and an 'e' in the word. The word is "tree", and using the rules we get "the". Similarly, the last pictogram is a fork, where "or" should be replaced by "**" and "?!!" should be added. We now have the full rebus: what the f**k?!!

Another, quite rare rule can appear: the swap-rule. Two characters should be swapped, as in:

p ⇄ n

Which is a rebus for the word "Snoop".

Difficulty level

When you select "harder" when generating a rebus, more complicated pictograms may appear in the rebus. Also, there is a new rule 'reverse' ⟲:



The idea is to find the name of the picture, apply the rules, and reverse the result. In this case we have an "owl". After replacing 'w' by 's' we get "osl". We add 'a' and get "osla". Now we have to reverse (⟲) the characters to get "also".


  • When you share a puzzle, try to keep it short or the readers might give up too soon
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